Weekend Market: The Real Thing


The road to a more balanced lifestyle can begin by finding ways to incorporate valuable yet simple traditions into our modern ways of living. Sometimes we only need to pick up the forgotten basics to feel a real connection again. 

Weekends offer us a sense of relief for many reasons. We get to stay longer in bed, enjoy a relaxed breakfast and spend time with our loved ones. We can freely plan what we will spend our precious time on or simply not think too much.  Still, there are certain must do’s that we can’t escape. Let that be laundry, cleaning or food shopping.

Every Saturday morning, we ride our bikes and head over to our local outdoor food market, which should not be confused with trendy pop up street food markets. A simple display of veggies, fruits, cheese, eggs, meat, fish, flowers and bread catches our eye as we make our way through the different stands and buy almost everything we need for the coming week. 

Whether it´s the freedom of being outdoors, the local experience or having a true personal contact with the people around us, we turned this weekend duty into something to look forward to.